World of Tanks” creator Wargaming and Mad Head Games are teaming up on a new action role-playing game called “Pagan Online,” the two companies announced Thursday.

Pagan Online, which is set to launch on PC in 2019, has players battling through a demonic dystopia based on “pre-Christian mythology” in a game that aims to be equal parts brutal, manic, and mystical. Registration for pre-launch tests known as Trials is now open at Pagan-Online.com.

The developers say that the game will be a new take on the hack-and-slash action role-playing game that is built on the framework of classic dungeon crawlers but makes use of a MOBA-style combat experience.

“Mad Head Games are passionate, talented, and have a ‘go broke’ mentality to do whatever it takes to make their game as awesome as it can be,” Jacob Beucler, product director at Wargaming, said in a prepared statement “We’ve taken Mad Head under our wing because this mentality reminds us of the early days at Wargaming when we put everything we had on the line to launch ‘World of Tanks.’ ‘Pagan Online’ is one of Wargaming’s most exciting opportunities yet — we’re helping bring these devs’ passion and skill to PC gamers everywhere.”

The companies say that “Pagan Online’s” missions are highly replayable, with numerous game modes and difficulty levels on top of a lengthy single-player mode that will be continuously updated with episodic content expansions called Battle Chapters.

“With Pagan Online we’ve modernized how combat in a top-down action RPG works, taking cues from MOBAs to create something that’s fast-paced, overwhelming with enemies, and super challenging,” Uros Banjesevic, co-founder and creative director of Mad Head Games, said in a prepared statement “It’s a thrill to finally be able to share this game, the product of our blood, sweat, and tears, with the world!”