The first images of Lego’s full line of “Overwatch” sets have leaked online.

While the the official Lego “Overwatch” website still only offers a splash page stating more information is “coming soon”, fan-site The Brick Fan (via the Overwatch subreddit) spotted the images on Target’s registry app.

There are several sets scheduled to release, comprising of both minifigs – some of which include small-scale locations, such as Hanzo and Genji’s Hanamura showdown – and more complex sets, like Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

Characters include Tracer, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Genji, Soldier 76, Reaper, McCree, D.Va, Reinhardt, Mercy, Winston, Pharah, Reaper, and an impressive, brick-built Bastion. You can see all of the images here.

The Bastion set differs from the previously announced Omnic Bastion, which is already available to order via the Blizzard Gear Store. That Blizzard-exclusive model features the mechanical hero Bastion outfitted in the Omnic Crisis skin, complete with a swiveling upper body and moveable arms.

As yet, there’s no confirmation of release date, but the sets reportedly cost between $15 to $90.

The “Overwatch” Halloween Terror 2018 season event commenced on Oct. 9. Blizzard has announced two lines of Halloween costumes; the Spirit Overwatch Halloween costumes include Soldier: 76, Mercy, Reaper, or D.Va, whilst the Disguise Overwatch Halloween costumes include Tracer, Genji, and Soldier: 76, as well as Genji’s sword and Soldier: 76’s Pulse Blaster.