The next “Battlefield” game from EA features “compelling single-player stories” and “large-scale multiplayer that spans across multiple maps and modes” in a game that delivers the “intensity of combat to life in new and unexpected ways,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson said during an earnings call this week.

The game, which hasn’t been named, is expected to hit in October and will be a “deep and fully featured shooter and ongoing service that will evolve with major new experiences for our community, beginning right from launch,” he said.

The inclusion of single-player in the game runs in contrast to recent rumor reports from Kotaku that “Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII” won’t have traditional single-player, though Variety has heard that it’s likely there will be cooperative story-like modes in the title.

In Tuesday’s earning’s call, Wilson said the new Battlefield game will “advance the state of the art for the franchise while still delivering a signature gameplay and Battlefield moments that have captivated and grown our global community.”

The game will be shown off during EA’s EA Play event which takes place during E3 in June, the company’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said.

“You’ll hear quite a bit coming up about the game and the plans for it,” Jorgensen said. “We have a very strong ‘Battlefield’ community, and we think they’re going to be extremely excited about this new ‘Battlefield’ game. And we’ve been able to compete against others like ‘Call of Duty’ in that same timeframe in the past, and we will work hard to try to do that going forward. But more to come on exact timing and a lot more about the game, which is pretty exciting.”

Wilson wrapped up his discussion of the game during the call reminding analysts that developers DICE has a history of innovation in the multiplayer shooter space, including being the first to introduce 64-player multiplayer and destruction in multiplayer.

“You should imagine that, as we talked about in the prepared notes, all the things that a Battlefield fan would expect out of a multiplayer game from DICE in the ‘Battlefield’ universe will be there,” he said. “While additional innovations in how we’re thinking about the future of multiplayer in first-person shooters will also be there, both at launch and over time as part of a live service.”