Overkill Software hosted a discussion with Robert Kirkman for the upcoming “Overkill’s The Walking Dead,” detailing a new in-game location, at San Diego Comic-Con last month.

Robert Kirkman is the original creator of “The Walking Dead” comic book series which inspired the hit television show and a multitude of video games.

Sean Mackiewicz, editor-in-chief of Skybound, and Almir Listo, producer of the game, were also part of the discussion.

They also showed off what Listo deemed “one of the creepier parts of the game,” the Brooklyn metro, of which only a “glimpse” was shown during E3 in June.

The Brooklyn metro setting is one the playable characters are forced to escape into, on the run from a “bigger threat.”

The subway system is a more claustrophobic environment, adding to the horror aspect and intensity of the game.

Listo noted that some of the comments he has heard regarding the upcoming title are that the game appears to capture the “essence” of the original comic series.

“The Walking Dead at its core is an emotional story,” Kirkman said in response. “It’s not about hacking and slashing or running and gunning— even though that’s a great part of video games and will be a big part of this game. It’s all about the consequences, and it’s all about the stakes, and it’s all about the emotions that you would have in this world.”

Emotions go hand-in-hand with relationships, which are of great importance in the various iterations of “The Walking Dead” universe.

Listo notes that in the comic books, characters rarely make it going alone, and characters have to make the choice between “alone or alive.” This was part of the reason behind having cooperative gameplay for four friends—it’s reflective of the Walking Dead universe while also being “a lot of fun,” in Listo’s opinion.

Listo also explained the importance of sound— specifically, how the survivors always have to be conscious of how much noise they are creating that could attract walkers. “Even though there might be humans chasing you, the Walkers will always be there.”

What this means for players expecting a run-and-gun shooter experience: You might have to stop and plan carefully with your team before proceeding.

You can watch the full interview here.

“Overkill’s The Walking Dead” releases Nov. 6 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.