Now that Square Enix’s Nintendo Switch exclusive role-playing game “Octopath Traveler” is on store shelves, the developers are talking about some of the inspirations and challenges involved in its creation in a note on the Nintendo website.

“Octopath Traveler” is a turn-based RPG that tells the stories of eight adventurers in the fictional fantasy world of Orsterra.  Players are free to go through the eight individual tales in any order they choose. The game is “a labor of love developed by a team that grew up in the golden age of RPGs” and they wanted to update the classic RPG formula for the modern age, said composer Yasunori Nishiki.

“To that end, my goal was to create a soundtrack with memorable melodies and lavish soundscapes that incorporated live orchestral performances,” he said. “From the main theme to battle and cutscene music, I strove for clear melodies and powerful yet not overly complex songs that would rise to the level of the evolved HD-2D graphics.”

“With the various overworld and town themes, I wanted players to be able to feel the many living, breathing locales that they reach in their travels,” he added. “If you could stop along the way from time to time and take in the sounds of the world along with its nostalgic sights, nothing would make me happier.”

With the words “path” and “traveler” in the title, it’s no surprise that the concept of a journey is central to the game. Keisuke Miyauchi, director at video game studio Acquire, said the team focused on three main points to ensure players would enjoy their own personal journeys through “Octopath Traveller” — the “HD-2D” visuals, interactivity with NPCs, and player freedom.

“From your starting character to the course you chart across the realm, the choices are in your hands. We encourage you to spin a tale of adventure all your own,” he said.

Releasing the game simultaneously worldwide was a “significant challenge” for Square Enix and Acquire, Square Enix producer Masashi Takahashi said, “but the tremendous reception we’ve received has made all the struggles along the way worth it.”
“Just thinking that fans in all corners of the world will be enjoying ‘Octopath Traveler’ at the same time truly blows me away. I hope you all enjoy the journey!” he said.