Nuketown Coming to All in Latest ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops IV’ Update

Nuketown is available in the newest ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops IV’ update for PC and Xbox One players, developer Treyarch announced Tuesday via a Reddit thread.

The Nuketown map was available for PlayStation 4 users starting Nov. 13, and now all players get to join in on the madness. A zombie invasion version of Blackout, the battle royale mode for the game, will be available on the Nuketown map for a “limited time,” according to the post.

There’s some bonuses coming Wednesday for all players, though, regardless of platform played on. Starting at 10 a.m. PST, experience bonuses, specifically “2XP in MP and Zombies, 2X Tier Boost, 2X Merits, and 2X Nebulium Plasma” will be activated through Monday, Nov. 26, so the Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to boost your experience.

Less fun but more essential fixes are available in the update, as well. Mostly improvements to Multiplayer, as there were several crashes that had to be fixed. Other improvements to multiplayer include updates to various modes and challenges and increased speed of delivery for Care Packages.

The score limit for Team Deathmatch will be upped to 100 in the latest update according to community request, and TDM 100 is now a part of the featured playlist this week along with Hardcore Mercenary Moshpit, Mercenary Moshpit, and Gun Game.

The popular Gun Game and Mercenary Moshpit are both relatively recent additions added in one of last month’s updates to “Call of Duty: Black Ops IV.”

Zombies and Blackout are getting some attention in Tuesday’s update, as well.

Zombies is getting more than 70 crash fixes and improvements, hopefully making a more stable and fun gameplay experience.

“As we continue to identify and address more specific Zombies gameplay scenarios that could cause the game to crash, our primary focus is now on taking care of the remaining stability issues in high-round play,” Treyarch stated in the post. “We have bolstered our ability to research and investigate these issues, and have several fixes in the works that will be rolled out in the near future.”

Last but not least, Blackout is getting “screen jittering” issues fixed as well as increased availability of the Bowie Knife  since the Nov. 13 update. The Bowie Knife is available “in Equipment Stashes, as a random drop from killing Zombies, and as a randomized item spawn in Zombies-themed locations on PS4, with other platforms to follow.”

The PC version of “Call of Duty: Black Ops IV” is getting an update on Wednesday, which include a backtrack of the SMG balancing in the last update for only the PC version, as the balancing didn’t “translate well.”

For the full details of  the Xbox One and PC updates and changes, check out the original Reddit thread.

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