“No Man’s Sky” is getting its first season of free weekly content and community events, developer Hello Games announced Thursday.

Starting Thursday, non-playable characters Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada are broadcasting a request for assistance. They need explorers to examine a glitch in reality and document the phenomenon. Players who do so will be rewarded with a new currency called Quicksilver. The Quicksilver can then be turned into exclusive exotic collectibles, including new base building parts, three decals, a new emote, and a new character customization.

The collectibles will expand to 50+ items over the coming weeks, Hello Games said. There will be new ways to earn Quicksilver as well, and community events will grow in functionality.

“Community missions were inspired by live events the community were already running in game,” Hello Games founder Sean Murray said on Twitter. “Excited to see these grow and expand in the future.”

Additionally, Hello Games said on Thursday it’s made a number of improvements to its Galactic Atlas website, which features player-submitted points of interest in the “No Man’s Sky’s” galaxy. There are now new regional hubs, including official community links for people who want to join. The studio also added discovery progress for all of the hubs, along with leaderboards for the current top explorers in each region.

Hello Games recently added full multiplayer functionality to its two-year-old space survival game in a massive update called Next. The patch also included unrestricted base building, a third-person camera perspective, character customization, and a lot more. Hello Games said it made more than 200 changes in the Next patch.

Thursday’s update is a big one as well, and you can see the full patch notes here. Right now, Hello Games said the team is split between high priority bugs and larger gameplay improvements that it will talk more about soon.