Nintendo Switch Online’s App Has Been Downloaded Over 5 Million Times

Nintendo Switch Online's App Has Been Downloaded Over 5 Million Times
Corey Motta/Unsplash

Nintendo Switch Online has been available for just a week, and subscribers have already downloaded the mobile companion app over five million times.

According to data culled from analyst firm Sensor Tower, this number represents one-quarter of the Switch’s global install base of 20 million, based on information gathered as of June 30. Most of the app’s installs come primarily from the United States and Japan, with Japan’s portion of the installs coming in at 33 percent and the United States at 30 percent. More than half of the app installs stemmed from Android device users at 60 percent, with the other 40 percent using iOS devices.

Ever since the subscription service debuted on Sept. 18, introducing paid online multiplayer options, classic Nintendo Entertainment System games, and cloud save options. It’s now a mandatory option for those who want to go online and compete in titles like “Splatoon 2” or “Mario Tennis Aces,” so it isn’t exactly surprising to see so many installs coming in as a result of the service’s introduction.

The companion app had, originally, been available ever since last July, when users went to download it one million times. Switch users had been exploring its various features, such as voice chat, and everything it allowed players to test out ahead of the official rollout of the paid subscription system. The app saw around 240,000 installs as a result this past July, and 268,000 as of August.

Previously, Nintendo Switch owners weren’t impressed by the seemingly convoluted way headsets needed to be hooked up to work with the system’s online voice chat via the app, though curious Switch players were downloading the app to see what was in store for them at an impressive rate even before the service was up and running proper.