Battlezone Gold Edition” is bringing first-person tank combat to the Nintendo Switch next month, publisher Rebellion announced Thursday via an official launch trailer.

Based on the 1980 arcade game, “Battlezone Gold Edition” released earlier this year for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. Soon, players can enjoy the “rogue-lite” campaign in “Battlefield Gold Edition” on the Switch in solo mode or with up to four other players. Both local and online co-op modes are available.

Players can experience combat from the cockpit of the Cobra tank, the “most advanced weapon ever built,” as they take out bots, mine-deploying trucks, and other tanks. The player’s tank is customizable, and can add special abilities like laser-guided missiles for a powerful offense to shield boosts for a better defense. Mortar cannons and EMP blasts are also options, if you like extra-destructive attack options.

The campaign of “Battlezone Gold Edition” takes place on a procedurally generated map and thus “never plays the same way twice,” according to a press release.

If all of the flash is too much, the game also includes a retro-inspired Classic Mode.

“Battlezone Gold Edition” is available for pre-purchase on the Nintendo eShop now, and those who choose to pre-purchase ill receive a 15% discount. Release date is set for Nov. 8.