Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto thinks the industry needs to shun the free-to-play business model and deliver titles at fixed prices, Bloomberg reports.

The “Super Mario Bros.” and “Donkey Kong” creator made those comments at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference in Yokohama, Japan, on Wednesday.

“We’re lucky to have such a giant market, so our thinking is, if we can deliver games at reasonable prices to as many people as possible, we will see big profits,” he said.

He went on to admit that Nintendo’s fixed-cost model hasn’t been a big success, referring specifically to “Super Mario Run,” the company’s first foray into mobile gaming. Many criticized its relatively high price compared to other apps on the market.

Other Nintendo mobile games like “Fire Emblem Heroes” and “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” adopted free-to-play models. “Fire Emblem,” a gacha-style tactical RPG, is doing especially well for Nintendo. It’s reportedly earned over $400 million in revenue since its launch in February 2017. “Pocket Camp” has reportedly made over $25 million since its debut, but players recently criticized a new feature that added loot box-style Fortune Cookies to the game. Nintendo and developer Cygames are currently working on a new mobile RPG called “Dragalia Lost” that will likely be free-to-play as well.

But Miyamoto said Nintendo will continue pushing forward with the fixed-cost model until it becomes entrenched.

“That way everyone can develop games in a comfortable environment. By focusing on bringing games to the widest range of people possible, we can continue boosting our mobile game business,” he said.

8 responses to “Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto Criticizes Free-to-Play Games Model”

  1. There are more polite ways to say that you prefer Pokemon Moon.

  2. Camilo says:

    I’m sorry, where does it says he is against free to play?

  3. Paul phoenix says:

    The microtransactions exploit people. It creates gambling addicts. Its the exact same thing. Buy a loot box, chest, whatever, to see what you get. Atleast fartnite lets the player choose what they want, but with most of the other f2p games, the gamers are fucked. Theyre buying a box with random $hit in it. They dont get what they wanted, they buy another one, and another one, then mommy and daddy get pissed off that lil jr stole their debit card to purchase all that imaginary crap. I prefer the single player games myself. I like an engaging story line and the ability to play offline but I like multiplayer too. I like all games but I dontlike being exploited or having to deal with a p2win game system like neverwinter either. But its all good. I simply avoid those type of games.

  4. GamerNinjaX says:

    Dont dox my warframe though


    So as usual it’s terrible until Nintendo does it?

    Let me remind you people this is the same company that is against video game preservation, who are bullying other sites off the Internet.