Niantic Rolls Out Beta PokéStop ‘Pokémon Go’ Nomination Program in South Korea and Brazil

Pokemon Go
Courtesy of Niantic

Developer Niantic will soon be rolling out a beta test for the upcoming PokéStop nomination system in “Pokémon Go.”

The developer plans to allow Level 40 trainers to test out the new feature in South Korea and Brazil before opening it up to the rest of the world, as confirmed via the official Niantic blog. This means that areas without an abundance of the in-game locations will now have a chance at getting their own landmarks

Any trainers in those select locations will be able to select potential future PokéStops in the future by submitting their own photos and descriptions for their suggestions. Then, instead of an automated process ruling out or accepting the new locations, users in the Ingress Operation Portal Recon (OPR) project will review each one before it goes on to potentially become a PokéStop out in the field.

The official Niantic Help Center includes information on what’s acceptable and not when it comes to PokéStop suggestions. There are plans for the future to expand this program beyond South Korea and Brazil at present, but for now Niantic is content to thank players for “working to make Pokémon Go an even better experience.”

“Pokémon Go” is still enjoying tens of millions of players, and player activity has actually increased a whopping 35 percent since May 2018. With the addition of plentiful social features such as trading and gifting, it’s no secret that fan interest has been significantly reignited since these augments were added.

Giving players the ability to further expand their playable areas with the suggestion of PokéStops will almost certainly see this percentage rise in the future.