The Cursed Sails update for “Sea of Thieves” arrived Tuesday as the game reached a new milestone of five million players, according to an Xbox news update.

The update adds new content, including enemy skeleton ships, a new three-player ship, and the new Alliance system.

The Alliance feature allows players to meet in the world of “Sea of Thieves” and, as the name implies, work together. Though pirate alliances are notoriously fickle, so proceed at your own risk.

Along with the new features comes a three-week time-limited campaign, during which new goals and rewards will be presented every week.

“Sea of Thieves” launched in March, with complaints that the game lacked sufficient content surfacing from the playerbase shortly afterward. Rare vowed to fix the issue with content updates, such as this week’s updated content offerings.

It would appear the developer is making progress, with the new reveal of five million players who have given the online game a try.

Along with the five million player statistic, Rare also noted that “Sea of Thieves” content on YouTube has over 300 million views and 40 million broadcasted hours on streaming platform Twitch.

Joe Neate, Executive Producer at Rare, stated in the news release that the developer is “more excited than ever to see where we can take this game.”

“‘Sea of Thieves’ is a uniquely social game, where interacting with other players – either on the same ship or on rival crews – plays a critical role in the overall experience,” Neate wrote. “Because of this, every single one of the five million players who’s played has bought something unique and special to the game: themselves. It genuinely wouldn’t be the same without you, and we can’t wait for you to jump into Cursed Sails and see how we’re working to fulfill our promise of new content in the months to come.”

The Cursed Sails update is available now as a free download for “Sea of Thieves” players, which is available only on Xbox One and PC.