Microsoft Introduces ‘Minecraft’ Collections and Bundled Xbox One S Controllers

Microsoft Introduces 'Minecraft' and Xbox One Controller Collections

Microsoft is making it easier than ever for players to enjoy “Minecraft” together with the announcement of the “Minecraft Master Collection” and “Minecraft Starter Collection.”

The “Minecraft Starter Collection” is a $29.99 bundle that includes the “Minecraft” base game, along with 700 Minecoins, that opens up the ability to purchase various skins, texture packs, mash-ups, and other items from the game’s marketplace. It’s aimed at new players looking to jump into the game in an expedient fashion who aren’t looking to spend extravagantly, but want a taste of what’s on offer.

The “Minecraft Master Collection” is $49.99, and offers all the content of the “Minecraft Starter Collection” along with 1,000 Minecoins and various content created by “Minecraft” Marketplace partners. You can select experiences like the PureBDcraft Texture Pack by BDcraft, the Winter Mini-Games Festival by Noxcrew, and several others. This set is meant more for players who have already dabbled in the game and want a bit more to play around with.

Additionally, Microsoft has announced the new Xbox One S Two-Controller Bundle to make it even simpler to round up other players to jump into “Minecraft” with. These special sets are geared toward facilitating “Minecraft” gaming nights, but an extra controller on hand is useful for a variety of different things, especially with the various couch co-op experiences out of the box out there on the system at this time.

Incidentally, Xbox One is one of the platforms that supports cross-play with “Minecraft,” so these sets can also help players connect with friends on the Nintendo Switch and PC for fun-filled nights of building and crafting. Unfortunately, the game is still not cross-play compatible on Nintendo Switch.