Wizards of the Coast is bringing custom streamer events to its free-to-play digital collectible card game “Magic: The Gathering Arena,” it announced on Thursday.

Each month, the developer will select a few creators in the community and hold an event based around their personality and play style. Those events will then be available in-game for a weekend.

“Since the launch of Open Beta less than a month ago, 100 million games have been played!” Wizards of the Coast said in a blog post. “During that time, an incredible amount of creator content has been made by the ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ community. ‘Magic’ players have been teaching, competing, entertaining, deckbuilding, and sharing these experiences online. ‘The Magic: The Gathering Arena’ team wants to continue to encourage these talented creators to make and enjoy great content in a way that is unique to ‘Magic.'”

The first streamer event starts Friday, Oct. 26 with Day [9]’s Insta-Ban and Gaby’s Greedy Dominaria Draft. The Day [9] event bans the use of instant spells in a 60-card deck. Instant speed effects like flash or activated abilities are still allowed, though. Meanwhile, Gaby’s event is designed around her love of drafting and building ambitious decks. Players will draft three packs of Dominaria cards, play two lands per turn, start with nine cards, and have no maximum hand size.

In other “Magic: The Gathering Arena” news, Wizards of the Coast said it’s still working on features that will allow people to play with their friends, including a new game mode called Direct Challenge, where players can type in each other’s usernames and start a match. Direct Challenge will launch in the next November update.

“Magic: The Gathering Arena” is currently in open beta and is expected to fully launch sometime in 2019.