Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz broke his self-proclaimed radio silence Tuesday night to tweet pictures of a launching rocketship, a Magic Leaper and link to a device with the model number 808, leading some to believe that the Magic Leap One Creator Edition will either launch Wednesday — Aug. 8 —  or plans for the launch will be detailed Wednesday.

The background of the new banner image Abovitz is using on Twitter (seen above this article) also shows the date 8-8-18. And the website for Magic Leap is also now showing a shuddering rocketship preparing to launch.

Abovitz tweeted on July 31 that he was “going into radio silence mode until launch — see you all then.” He had previously said that a version of Magic Leap would launch this summer, which ends on Sept. 22. He broke his silence at 8:08 p.m. Tuesday night.

While we know some things about the Magic Leap and the tech behind it, we still don’t know the date it will go out to a broader public, how much it will cost or the full details of the specifications. Also, few people outside of the company have had a chance to try the tech for themselves, and most if not all demos have occurred inside the company’s Florida headquarters.

The Magic Leap is said to use a new technology that replicates light fields to trick the brain into thinking it’s seeing real-world objects in the space in front of a user. The end result is meant to be a mixing of reality and virtuality into a cohesive and responsive scene.

You can read more about the tech and my experience with it first-hand in our write-up from last year and dive into everything we know about the technology and Magic Leap in this summary.