A 3DS remake of Nintendo GameCube title “Luigi’s Mansion” hits on Oct. 12, Nintendo announced Tuesday.

The updated version of the game includes the original adventure with some added features including the ability to use the 3DS’ bottom touch screen to view the mansion map. In the new gallery battle mode, exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, Luigi will have the ability to re-challenge boss ghosts that were defeated in the game.

Luigi’s Mansion,” which is being ported by developer Grezzo, will launch for $40.

The original, developed for the GameCube by Nintendo EAD, came out in 2001. In the game, players control Luigi as he explores the rooms of a haunted mansion on the hunt for ghosts with what looks like a pack from “Ghostbusters” but works a bit more like a vacuum cleaner. The game plays out across four stages and also included a training room and gallery.