The “Overwatch” Summer Games kickoff is Aug. 9, and Lucioball will make a return, according to a tweet from the official Overwatch Twitter account.

Lucioball is a returning game for this year’s Summer Games, which will run until Aug. 30. Last year’s Lucioball arenas were based in Rio de Janiero and Sydney. Based on the teaser image shared on an OverwatchKR tweet, it seems the newest arena will be in the beautiful beach city of Busan in South Korea. A fitting location, considering “Overwatch” is currently experiencing a surge of popularity in the land of the morning calm, as the third most played title in PC rooms, with a 9% share as of August in the rankings of games played overall according to Korean games data site Gametrics.
If the Summer Games doesn’t interest you, Blizzard Entertainment and Twitch Prime are partnering up to offer “exciting in-game rewards” to players this summer, according to a press release.
Through Sept. 3, Twitch Prime members can get two Wrecking Ball loot boxes in “Overwatch,” which contain Available four random items for Hammond, the adorable new Overwatch hero. Prime members can also grab a golden loot box next month.
And if you’ve taken a break from “Overwatch,” soon it might be a good time to revisit the game. Support characters like Mercy and Brigitte were recently balanced in the Public Test Region, evening the playing field for support characters and players as a whole and not allowing some characters to dominate quite so easily. The changes will go live after testing in the next “Overwatch” patch.