Subscription service Loot Crate is launching a digital subscription service called Loot Play that will deliver curated indie titles each month.

Loot Play’s selection of monthly titles will start at $10 a month, which gets subscribers a “digital crate” with one “featured game” that will take point in the month’s promotions across platforms such as Twitch, Mixer, and Loot Crate’s The Daily Crate blog.

The Daily Crate will produce editorial content, while the game itself will be streamed via Twitcha nd Mixer for further cross-promotion. The other games in each crate will remain a surprise until it’s time for the cate to debut, much like when the physical crates reach subscribers’ homes.

Loot Play came about as a way for Loot Crate to “solve two problems,” according to VP of Product Marketing Erik Reynolds. “We want to help subscribers find new games that are curated with a focus on creative new voices, and we want to help these independent studios reach new audiences through our large network of Looters.”

Devolver Digital and Fourattic’s “Crossing Souls” is the first game to be featured in the first Loot Play crate, an action-adventure with RPG elements set in California. Players can take on five different characters: Chris, Matt, Charlie, Big Joe, and Kevin with their own unique skills and combat styles. Inspired by ’80s cartoons and featuring puzzles and powerful boss inspired by classic games, it’s a “rad” throwback title that will kick off the Loot Play initiative.