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Riot Games Opens New ‘League of Legends’ Esports Stadium in South Korea

Riot Games’ new esports arena, LoL Park, is an extravagant new stadium located in Jongno-gu, centrally located in Seoul, South Korea.

Inven Global’s photographic journey through the new arena shows off several facets of the arena, which features a photogenic lobby complete with sprite portraits of “League of Legends” characters, a large LoL Park symbol outside surrounded by grass and a Rift symbol, and even a miniature Riot Games store for visitors to purchase game-related memorabilia from.

The Bilgewater Cafe will be stocked with special foods and snacks for arena visitors, though there were foods and open house edibles available for those attending the Open House event, as Inven had been.

As one might expect, there’s a wide variety of PC stations, game-specific statues and sculptures, and even team uniforms are displayed for the public to take a look at while spending time at the stadium, complete with 3D-printed figures of each player accompanying them.

The venue features 500 seats, three large-screen televisions, and also additional team and interview rooms to round it out. This is a very impressive new structure, to say the least.

The stadium represents an extravagant new arena for players to celebrate and enjoy “League of Legends.” The experience is both a unique one for fans and for players, as there will be attractions going on and available even when the LCK, the most competitive “League of Legends” tournaments in the world, is not taking place.

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