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‘Just Cause 4’ Introduces ‘Extreme Weather,’ Physics Settings and More

Avalanche Studios’ “Just Cause 4” just introduced a gameplay trailer awash with footage of protagonist Rico Rodriguez squaring off against a damaging tornado.

As it turns out, there was a slew of other information in the same clip, as the official “Just Cause 4” team breaks down in a new clip. Rodriguez will be engaging in quite a bit of reckless behavior as he explores the open world game armed with a grappling hook and a sense of adventure.

In one scene, Rico flies toward a bridge called El Abismo, which was inspired by the real-life “shantytowns” of South America. It’s another example of Rico’s extremely useful grappling hook and just one of the many situations it can be used in.

The trailer also showed off some of the airlift tethering systems, with Rico taking a shipping container and raising it into the air as an interesting vehicle of sorts, creating a makeshift flying craft.

There will be “extreme weather types”, which as you may have guessed, do include tornados. The tornados will appear in the sandbox areas of the game, so you’ll have to worry about running into one of the disastrous twisters while exploring. It’s part of “Just Cause 4’s” emergent gameplay.

Similarly, the road will also change from area to area as Rico drives from one place to another, as sub-biomes eventually merge and come together in certain areas. There will be no abrupt switch from one type of terrain to another, which should give the game a more realistic lilt.

Finally, Rico can use his enemies’ weapons against them in interesting ways, which should make for some fun situations utilizing his grappling hook. This offers a series of creative options to use the enemies’ arsenal against them without having to rely on the weapons and tools scattered around the world in-game.

With this set of moves at his disposal, Rico will be well-equipped to take out any remnants of the enemy faction Black Hand who dare cross his path.

“Just Cause 4” is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Dec. 4, 2018.

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