Online gaming publication IGN has pulled numerous posts by former editor Filip Miucin after evidence surfaced he plagiarized work from other websites and YouTube videos.

“FYI, we’ve seen enough now, both from the thread and our own searches, that we’re taking down pretty much everything he did,” IGN executive editor of reviews Dan Stapleton wrote on Twitter Tuesday. “It’s a process, but you’ll start seeing stuff come down tonight.”

The allegations surfaced last week after YouTuber Boomstick Gaming posted a video claiming Miucin’s IGN review of Motion Twin’s 2D roguelike Metroidvania game “Dead Cells” lifted parts of his own review. In a side-by-side comparison, he points out numerous sentences and phrases in Miucin’s writing that sound very similar to his own.

IGN pulled Miucin’s review and launched an investigation. It promptly fired him the next day, issued an apology, and said it would re-review “Dead Cells.”

“We apologize to our readers, developer Motion Twin, and most especially the YouTuber known under Boomstick Gaming for failing to uphold those standards,” it said.

Miucin, a former YouTuber, posted a video response on his channel (that’s since been deleted). In the video, he said his “review process isn’t really that different from other reviewers” and “I try to look at all resources that I have available to me before I start formulating my own critical opinions so that I can offer the most cohesive possible review.”

Miucin then criticized Kotaku and one of its writers, Jason Schreier, who reported on his firing. He claimed his work with IGN was original and told the gaming outlet to “keep looking and please let me know if you find anything.” He also accused Schreier of “just trying to get as many clicks off my name right now as possible.”

Soon after, more examples of plagiarism surfaced. Miucin lifted parts of a “Bayonetta 2” review from Polygon, according to a post on ResetEra. He also allegedly swiped excerpts from Wikipedia and word-for-word copied a NeoGAF post for a video about the Nintendo Switch’s HD rumble feature.

Variety reached out to Miucin, but he did not immediately respond to our request for comment.