The International Game Developers Association will hold advising sessions for game developers affected by the string of layoffs in the last 60 days, executive director Jen MacLean shared in a blog post on Friday.

The IGDA will offer 30-minute virtual mentoring sessions via the IGDA Mentor Cafés to affected developers. Mentors will be individual volunteers in the game development community, according to MacLean, and will have the “explicit goal of helping game developers who have been laid off in the past 60 days get help as quickly as possible.”

Past IGDA Mentor Cafés have been a way for developers to be exposed to learning opportunities in their own communities, but this will be the first virtual IGDA Mentor Café.

The initiative is open to non-IGDA members, and those interested in mentoring or receiving mentoring can fill out a short form detailing what advice they can give or are in need of by Oct. 15.

“The Virtual Mentor Café is designed to help game developers who were recently laid off by connecting them to other people in the community who can help them find their next professional opportunity in games,” MacLean told Variety. “Whether it’s by providing a resume or portfolio review, giving advice on career opportunities, discussing freelance and contract work, sharing information on starting or working for an independent studio, or assisting the game developer in some other way.”

Hundreds of game developers are out of work after the layoffs at Telltale Games, Capcom Vancouver, Disney Canada, and others in the last few months. In the past 12 months, 10 major game studios have closed, making this a particularly difficult time for the game development community.

“The IGDA’s mission is to help game developers have sustainable and fulfilling careers,” MacLean said. “Whenever someone loses their job, we’re at risk of losing their experiences, wisdom, and insights as part of the global game development community.”