Supernatural investigative role-playing game “HellSign” is launching on Steam Early Access on Nov. 7, developer Ballistic Interactive announced this week.

“HellSign” has an interesting premise. Inspired by TV shows like “Supernatural” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” it offers an interactive take on the monster-of-the-week genre. The player is a freelance hunter looking to make their career by tracking and slaying various horrifying creatures in homes, churches, and farms throughout Australia. They can choose from a number of classes with unique abilities, take on contract jobs, and earn money while learning more about the dark things stalking in the night.

Ballistic released a bestiary of some of the nasties players will face in the Outback. They include:

  • Redback Huntsman Spider: Just your average Australian spider … save for the fact that its fangs span the size of mammoth tusks and project a deadly venom that will bring even experienced Hunters to their knees. Usually enough to ruin a good day out.
  • Shadow Beast: A dark shadowy presence with bright red eyes and a thirst for blood. Usually found in the darklands, the Shadow Beast hunts their prey in packs. In areas with high paranormal activity, can sometimes tear through dimensions and appear on Earth.
  • Interdimensional Mimic: A carnivorous creature that preys on the fear of humans. Spawning from the depths of the altered dimension and devouring anything in sight with a voracious hunger.
  • Protozoan Parasite: And here you thought ringworm sounded like a nightmare. A three headed beast that feeds on the innards of humans – while they’re alive no less. Once done eating their fill, this abhorrent horror lays its larvae which, in time, rends through its host’s skin from within and unleashes the beast inside.

There’s no word yet on how much “HellSign” costs or whether it will come to other platforms in the future.