Nonprofit Creates ‘Halo’-Themed Bionic Arms for Children to Use as Prosthetics

'Halo' Studio Teaming With Nonprofit To Create 3D-Printed Prosthetics
343 Industries/Limbitless Solutions

Developer 343 Industries is teaming with the nonprofit Limbitless Solutions to create “Halo”-themed, 3D-printed prosthetics for children, it announced in a blog post on Wednesday.

Beginning in 2019, Limbitless will offer two special “Halo” bionic arms. One is a recreation of the Master Chief’s iconic green Mk. VI armor. The other is a “multiplayer” variant of the Mjolnir-inspired prosthetic that features a wide range of creative color customization, 343 Industries said.

“One of our core missions here at the studio is to ‘inspire heroes and deliver wonder,'” it said. “Normally, this is most often and understandably applied to the nature of making games. Indeed, creating new worlds to explore, new mysteries to solve, and heroes through which to experience it all is always an amazing and rewarding endeavor. There are, however, times where opportunities to inspire heroes and deliver wonder present themselves outside the scope of game code, cutscene scripts, or sandbox balancing.”

Limbitless Solutions began in 2014 with a group of University of Central Florida students who wanted to help a family whose son was born without most of his right arm. It’s now grown into a full-time operation that creates affordable prosthetic limbs for children using rapid prototyping technologies. The limbs are fully-functional and cost-effective, 343 Industries said, and Limbitless donates them completely free of charge.

“We’re infinitely honored to have been approached Limbitless Solutions to help further their ongoing mission to make heroes out of humanity and look forward to delivering hope and helping hands beginning early next year,” the developer said.