Popular battle royale “H1Z1” is getting a new mobile port from Daybreak Game Company and investor NantWorks. It’s as yet unnamed at the moment, but we should be hearing more about it soon.

It’s part of the “strategic investment” NantWorks has made in Daybreak to make mobile publishing a reality when it comes to the company’s portfolio. So games like “H1Z1” and “EverQuest” will both be getting mobile iterations, though there isn’t much information on what the portable versions of both games might entail just yet.

Following the game’s jump to PlayStation 4, “H1Z1” has enjoyed a significant amount of success. After spending three years in early access as a PC-only title, it made its official debut as a free-to-play title in Feb. 2018, then jumped to PlayStation 4 in Aug. 2018. It will be coming to Xbox One in the future at an undisclosed date, so it’s no shock that a mobile iteration is now currently in the works.

The battle royale title lets up to 150 players compete to the death in a last man standing deathmatch, where much like “Fortnite” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” combatants can play solo or match up with friends to take on throngs of enemies.

Players are dropped into the map sans equipment at a random location and must search for supplies such as weapons and other helpful items to keep them in the game. The game progresses and brings players closer together to force them against each other with a toxic gas cloud as the playable area gets even smaller.

As development on this new mobile port progresses, we’ll likely see more details coming out of Daybreak as the months pass by.