‘GTFO’ Introduces Terrifying New Enemy That Resembles a Living Shadow

'GTFO' Introduces Terrifying New Enemy That

GTFO,” the upcoming first-person shooter rooted in survival horror from Swedish studio 10 Chambers Collective, has revealed a terrifying new enemy known as the Shadow. The enemy has its own reveal trailer, showcasing the game’s tense atmosphere and terrifying stealth abilities.

The co-op team is showcased wandering around a large, dark area and utilizing their motion trackers to pick up on any enemy movements. There’s movement, alright, but the player can’t find out where it’s coming from. That’s when the video lights up with a violent hale of gunfire, because it looks like the shadows have essentially come to life. That’s what players will be up against with the game’s Shadow enemy.

The Shadow can only be seen when illuminated by light sources such as a flashlight and while it’s moving near said items. As seen in the trailer, this makes it a frightening new addition to the hardcore horror game, especially since there are so many dark areas to traverse.

GTFO” finds players forming teams of four scavengers who have been sent to explore a massive underground complex while seeking out various artifacts. Unfortunately, the area has been overrun by monsters such as the Shadow, so players must remain vigilant of their surroundings while collecting weapons, tools, crafting resources, and other items integral to their survival.

Currently, “GTFO” is scheduled for a 2018 release on PC. There is no concrete date for its debut at this time.