Grim Fandango Remastered” is available today on Nintendo Switch, in celebration of Double Fine Productions’ 20th anniversary.

The game is up for grabs right now via the Nintendo Switch eShop for $14.99, and features updated graphics, audio, and mechanics so it feels just as good on the Switch as the other platforms it hit as the Remastered edition three years ago.

For PlayStation 4 owners, a physical edition of the classic adventure game is now available for pre-order, as is the remastered soundtrack on vinyl from Peter McConnell as a collaboration with collectibles company iam8bit. There’s also a “Grim Fandango” art show, also in a partnership with iam8bit, coming to Nov. 11’s Day of the Devs celebration that will feature several different pieces inspired by the game.

“Grim Fandango” originally released in 1998 by LucasArts and directed by Tim Schafer, is a beloved adventure game that’s set in the Land of the Dead. It follows travel agent Manuel “Manny” Calavera, who acts as a guide for recently departed souls as they travel through the Land of the Dead on their way to their final destinations. Manny is on a mission to save Mercedes “Meche” Colomar, a new arrival, through a film noir-styled drama filled with adventure and intrigue. The award-winning game is critically-acclaimed and a fan favorite, despite its lack of commercial success upon its debut.

The game was previously released as a remastered version in 2015 on PlayStaion 4, PC, PS Vita, Android, and iOS platforms. The Nintendo Switch port is the latest to join the list of systems the game is now available on.