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Griefing Debate Fueled by ‘Fortnite’ Event Gone Wrong (Or Just as Expected)

A special “Fortnite” event ended in a new record for solo kills for one player who broke the ceasefire.

Players logged in and built a ramp together to watch a rocket launch, but were taken out by player Elemental_Ray, when he broke the ramp 48 players were standing on. The result was a new record and accusations of griefing toward him.

Griefing is a term used in online multiplayer games to describe harassing or irritating behavior. It’s often a term applied to players who sabotage their own teammates, or generally playing the game in a way in which the goal is to annoy other players.

Though he took out 48 players, he didn’t win the match— the irony of which seems to be lost on Elemental_Ray. He, or at least the Twitter account claiming to be him, has changed his display name on Twitter to “#1 Record Holder.” While technically true, the new record was gained with no skill.

A Redditor on a thread discussing the event on the “Fortnite” subreddit who claimed to be one of the killed noted that “there [were] like [six] guys breaking it down, he was just the one to break the last piece.”

So, despite the vitriol aimed at Elemental_Ray, it would appear he was one of several trying to take advantage of the sitting duck scenario before him.

Other players were able to enjoy the rocket launch from more secure positions, and could admire the glowing cracks in the sky left behind from the rocket launch.

CREDIT: YouTube Channel Markvdv http://bit.ly/2lMkzRL

While a large amount are annoyed by it, and consider it griefing, there are others who take the stance that Elemental_Ray was simply playing the game as it was meant to be played.

“Fortnite” has been in the news for other controversy, as Sony has not allowed cross-play for the popular battle royale game, leading to many players starting fresh accounts and abandoning play on the PlayStation 4.

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