Ghost Recon Wildlands” welcomes its second Special Operation mission Tuesday, this time incorporating crossover content from Ubisoft’s other popular property, “Rainbow Six Siege.” The update incorporates Operators from said game, as well as a new collection of weapons, classes, customizations, and story missions inspired by “Rainbow Six Siege.”

“Operation Archangel” is the mission on offer, introducing “Rainbow Six Siege’s” female Operators Valkyrie, Twitch, and Caveira. Valkyrie is a U.S. Navy Seal who utilizes surveillance footage to gather important intel on her enemies, while Twitch is best with drones. Caveira is an interrogator from Brazil’s BOPE organization, and she’s gone missing. Valkyrie enlists a friend to help figure out Caveira’s last known location, and the trail leads them all the way across Bolivia, discovering new truths about Caveira along the way.

Completing “Operation Archangel” ahead of Aug. 14 will net players Caveira’s gloves, which allows for Ghost operatives to perform Caveira’s special takedown as seen in “Rainbow Six Siege.” It allows players to see the location of all enemies within a certain spread in-game. You also get the Rainbow Six Gear Pack when this update goes live, which offers the HK 416 assault rifle and Caveira’s Luison handgun. Valkyrie and Twitch-themed cosmetics are also up for grabs.

Two new maps, Factory and Checkpoint, will be made available in addition to Observer and Permadeath modes. Additionally, two new classes in the form of Surgeon and Toxic offer devastating new ways for players to asphyxiate enemies or revive teammates utilizing a stem gun.

Ghost Recon Wildlands” and “Rainbow Six Siege” are available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Any players with the Year 2 pass for “Ghost Recon Wildlands” will be able to access Special Operation 2’s classes, permadeath mode, and new maps for seven days ahead of other players.