Changes to “Fortnite’s” Save the World game mode are coming soon, according to a developer update released Friday via the official “Fortnite” YouTube channel.

Details around Canny Valley and mission changes were revealed.

Missions with power ratings requirements which, currently, check only the party leaders for group eligibility will soon change. For update 6.10, group eligibility will be considered by checking each individual member’s power rating before being able to play in a public mission. This means that lower rating party members won’t be able to join in on missions where they can’t really contribute too much, which apparently was a point of contention for the community.

If friends want to play this mode with players who have a too-low power rating, they can still do so via a private mission.

The other mission change is a new twist coming to the Retrieve the Data missions. A storm will close around the play area, as players need to acquire the balloon, defend themselves, and get data as quickly as they can to get the maximum rewards. New rewards and quests will also come along with this new mission variant.

Players will also see a return to Canny Valley, with new sites to explore.

“You’ll be heading back to the desert for part two of the storyline, but there are also some new sites to see,” Epic Games’ Billy Bramer said. “You’ll be exploring ghost towns, discovering more of Ray’s backstory, and helping to get the old band back together in preparation for the thrilling conclusion coming in part three.”

Voice recording will happen soon, and Epic Games anticipates the release of the next chapter of Save the World sometime in November.

If you don’t feel compelled to purchase the cooperative PVE playmode of “Fortnite,” the super popular “Fortnite Battle Royale” is still completely free-to-play.