Epic Games is taking its first steps toward implementing a creative mode in “Fortnite.”

A new limited time mode called Playground lets up to four players load up a Battle Royale map with some adjusted settings. They’re given more time to roam around the map and generate resources. All treasure chests and ammo crates will spawn, Epic said, and friendly fire is on, in case they want to scrimmage. Oh, and there’s also lots of loot llamas.

Epic said it’s using limited time modes to take existing aspects of the game and try new things. “We look at LTMs as a space that allows us to explore different tweaks to the main game mode (e.g. building resources) and do things we wouldn’t normally do in standard playlists,” the company wrote in a development update on Thursday.

Besides Playground mode, Epic is working on a number of improvements to the game’s replay system in preparation for the celebrity pro-am tournament taking place next month during E3. New camera features will let spectators orbit around any point of their choosing. The camera will also automatically track the action by focusing on a group of players instead of one person. The developer is also refining the map view during replays to add more functionality to the playerlist and adding bullet trajectories to player markers on the map. Player nameplates won’t overlap whenever possible, and Epic wants to add an x-ray view for when players enter buildings.

Other notable upcoming quality of life changes include custom bindings, in-world markers, a high-resolution mini map, and more.

“We’re excited to get these new features and improvements into everyone’s hands and will be releasing them as part of the game as soon as they are battle tested and ready!” Epic said.