A series of leaks over the past week point to a Nintendo Switch version of Epic Games’ seemingly unstoppable battle royale shooter “Fortnite,” being announced during E3 later this month.

The game is currently available on Android and iOS smartphones, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. The question of the game coming to Nintendo’s popular hybrid console was more a question of when not if. When raised in the past, Epic seemed to indicate that it was something the company wanted to do, but that it had more pressing matters to get to first.

Thursday night, two different leaks seemed to confirm that the news will be hitting in a bit more than a week.

A photo popped up on website 4Chan overnight that is purported to show part of Nintendo’s E3 booth layout. The image lists “Fortnite” among a slew of other games that will be at the show.

Lazy loaded image

The game also received a rating from Korea’s official ratings board, according to that site.

“Fortnite” is currently the gaming industry’s biggest phenomenon. It overtook “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” in terms of overall monthly players and revenue earlier this year and is now the biggest free-to-play console game ever, according to market research company SuperData. Players spent an estimated $223 million on the game across all platforms in March alone, up 73% from February.

In March, Epic Games president Tim Sweeney said that a majority of the company’s 700 developers were working on the game. Earlier this year, PUBG. Corp., maker of battle royale rival “PUBG” filed a copyright lawsuit against Epic Games in South Korea.