Epic Games’ hugely popular free-to-play battle royale game “Fortnite” is launching on Android soon, but when it does it might not be on available on Google Play.

Wording hidden in the source code of “Fortnite Mobile’s” web page suggests fans will have to download and install the game via a web browser, according to XDA Developers. After that, the game will reportedly ask people for some security permissions it states are necessary “to install any app outside of the Play Store.”

Right now, people who want to download “Fortnite” on iOS from the Epic Games site are redirected to the App Store. If the game is being offered on Android via the Google Play Store, it’s odd that the setup process isn’t the same.

But, not offering “Fortnite” on Google Play also makes some sense. The PC version is not on Steam, the largest digital distributor of PC titles. It’s not on other popular digital games retailers like GOG.com or Green Man Gaming. It’s only available via Epic’s website. These retailers have large audiences and normally help a game’s visibility, but “Fortnite” doesn’t really need assistance. It currently has over 125 million players across multiple platforms and has made over $1 billion in revenue in the last year. But, Epic loses about 30% of its profits on iOS thanks to Apple’s App Store rules, XDA Developers said. By keeping “Fortnite” off Google Play, the Epic can keep all of the profits from in-app purchases.

Variety reached out to Epic to confirm whether or not this report is true. It doesn’t have any comment to make at this time on the rumors, a spokesperson said.