The Starter Edition of Ubisoft’s frenetic combat-focused action title “For Honor” is free right now via Steam.

The game, which is usually $15, is totally free to download and can be added to your permanent collection of Steam titles, no strings attached. The rub is that the Starter Edition is just that: a barebones version of the game with a significantly less amount of content to play around with. It unlocks three different heroes at the onset: the Kensei, Raider, and Warden from the Samurai, Viking, and Knight factions.

Players can select the hero that they enjoy playing as the most, and that particular character will be fully customizable, with various executions, emotes, and other options available. This will work in the same manner it does in the full version of the game. However, when it comes to unlocking additional heroes, you’ll simply unlock the rest of the other characters from the same group your initial choice was from. You can only choose to do this once, and must purchase the rest of the heroes for 8,000 Steel, or “For Honor’s” in-game currency.

While the free Starter Edition is a tempting offer, it’s not for all players, especially as it requires time and possible in-game currency spent to further unlock other portions of the game.

“For Honor” originally launched on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in Feb. 2017. Since then, it’s grown to include a massive player base of over 7.5 million. Ubisoft has given the game away for free to Steam users in the past in addition to highlighting several sales its digital and console editions.