PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” developer PUBG Corp. has announced the “Fix PUBG” campaign, a new initiative to help repair a litany of bugs, performance issues, and quality-of-life concerns that have kept the popular battle royale game from achieving its “true potential.”

Developer PUBG Corp. took to Steam to discuss the campaign, which is meant to unravel over the next few months and will deliver “changes and improvements” that a vocal majority of players have been asking for, whether in extensive Reddit threads or via social media and other forms of communication with the company.

The new initiative includes its own unique web destination as well as a road map for players to peruse, where the changes coming are detailed in a cohesive manner to keep up with. The roadmap is comprised of several different categories like server performance, matchmaking, client performance, and various other subsets of problems the developer is taking action to resolve.

With the roadmap online, PUBG Corp. has also introduced a new patch as of Wednesday to resolve issues with limb penetration, healing being canceled when crouching, standing, or leaning, and has also introduced a new “graphics sharpening” setting. You can also mute individual teammates as part of the latest patch, all of which is explained further via the official FAQ on the Fix PUBG website.

This new bug-squashing endeavor is likely in response to the continued astronomical growth of its biggest competitor, Epic Games’ Fortnite, which continues to attract a massive number of players across PC, consoles, and mobile platforms. PUBG Corp. has continually seen dwindling numbers over the last few months, likely owing at least partially to the frustrating problems players have been dealing with in “PUBG”.

The campaign is expected to unfurl over the next three months, so it will be intriguing to see how the player base responds to the impending changes.