Online chat and video service Discord revealed its first seven “First on Discord” games on Thursday.

The seven games include the Viking-themed real-time strategy game “Bad North,” which launched on consoles last month. The other six titles are horror offering “Last Year: The Nightmare“; the “Souls”-inspired “Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption“; sports title “Mad Machines“; “hide-and-seek” shooter “At Sundown“; strategic brawler “Minion Masters“; and fighting game “King of the Hat.”

First on Discord is a curated list of titles the platform is “helping to bring to life” in its new digital storefront. The PC games are exclusively on the Discord Store for 90 days before developers can then sell them elsewhere.

Discord launched its store in beta this August to extend the reach of its service and find another source of revenue, it told Variety in a recent interview.

“We’ve actually been mulling the idea for a long time,” Discord chief marketing officer Eros Resmini said via email. “We wanted to build an amazing platform that people wanted to use every day and we wanted to grow that platform before focusing too much on monetization. We now have 150 million users, so timing felt right. We knew we didn’t want to sell ads or user data, so we had two options left: cosmetics or content. Nitro was our attempt at cosmetics, now we’re adding games to that subscription and building a retail store too.”

Discord celebrated its third anniversary in May. The service now has over 150 million users. In addition to the new store, it’s implementing a new universal game-launching tab, so people can start up PC games from within the Discord app.