Fear the Wolves” got a massive patch on Wednesday, bringing new features, new weapons, and more to the post-apocalyptic battle royale shooter.

The game launched on Steam Early Access in August and shakes up the usual battle royale format with dynamically-changing weather (voted for by both players and spectators), deadly radiation, and killer wolf packs. It was created by Vostok Games, a studio comprised of ex-“S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl” developers.

As of today, secret stashes are now hidden throughout the map containing high-tier loot. Players will need to find treasure maps in the wilderness to unlock them, however. Some loot is also now harder to reach. Certain buildings are boarded up, and players will have to find the fire axe to break down the door and grab the goods inside, including the new DMR SOK-94 sniper rifle.

The game’s wolves received some upgrades as well. A full pass has been made on their behavior and balancing, Vostok said, making the animals far more dangerous to players. Solo ones will now attempt to sneak up on players, while packs have more health and enhanced attack patterns. They are more aggressive when it comes to protecting their territory and chasing fleeing players.

“This joins tweaks to weapon balance, shooting feeling, and the addition of rooftop helicopter extractions to make ‘Fear the Wolves’ better than ever before,” Vostok said.

In addition, the update brings a host of quality-of-life tweaks, bug fixes, and minor features, such as new tutorial screens, an improved drop experience, and additional sounds. Vostok also integrated the Nvidia Highlight system with the game, so people can now record big plays and kill for easy sharing on social media. The full patch notes are available on the game’s Steam page.