Ubisoft released a new teaser trailer on Wednesday for an unannounced “Far Cry” project. Now, the game’s box art has leaked online in a post on the online forum ResetEra.

The new game is apparently called “Far Cry: New Dawn.” The box art depicts two young women holding weapons and tormenting a shirtless man tied to a wrecked car. A run-down church and silo are in the background. It looks like rural Montana, which means “New Dawn” is possibly a direct sequel to “Far Cry 5.”

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for one of the endings to “Far Cry 5.”]

In “Far Cry 5’s” “Resist” ending, it turns out Joseph Seed, the game’s religious cult leader antagonist, was right all along about the collapse of civilization. A nuclear explosion goes off and the two of you wind up trapped in a bunker together.

“You’re all I have left now. You’re my family,” Seed says. It’s a creepy, but fun twist.

The shirtless man on the “New Dawn” box art sort of resembles Seed and could be a member of his cult. The landscape in the background is ruined and wildly overgrown, which fits the post-apocalyptic vibe of the teaser trailer.

Of course, it’s too soon to tell if “New Dawn” is a full game or a standalone expansion to “Far Cry 5,” similar to 2013’s “Far Cry: Blood Dragon.” Ubisoft will reveal more during The Game Awards, which airs online tonight at 8:30 p.m. EST.

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