A patch coming Tuesday to “Fallout 76” promises “performance and stability improvements,” as detailed in a post from Bethesda  on Friday.

The Dec. 4 patch will address bug fixes to the game as well as a few balancing changes, in an apparent attempt to address some of the player dissatisfaction surrounding the multiplayer game.

That Bethesda will fix an exploit in which players can exceed their “carry weight,” meaning the limit to how much inventory a player can carry, was an expressed hope in a Reddit thread with comments from players regarding the patch. Some users speculated that this exploit could be causing stability issues.

“I hope the carry weight exploit is getting patched out,” wrote Reddit user DieselsFolly. “[It’s the number one] issue for server stability right now.”

For console players, Bethesda fixed an issue in which players could encounter an unending loading screen after signing out of their account while playing the game. For Xbox One users, a crash caused by sending multiple team invites to non-friend players after leaving Vault 76 was fixed. The consoles’ updates are roughly 3GB.

The PC update is much smaller, at only 36MB. PC framerates are uncapped again with this update, but Bethesda noted that “reaching very high framerates will no longer cause movement speed to increase.” This issue was reportedly fixed back in the Nov. 19 patch.

In addition to stability improvements and bug fixes, Bethesda added some additional features, including an AFK function (Away From Keyboard) which will disconnect players who are inactive for 10 minutes. Players will receive a 1-minute countdown warning before being kicked off.

Finally, some balancing changes come to “Fallout 76” with this update. Experience rewarded for defeating high-level enemies has been reduced, and players should receive two to four items as a reward per boss, correcting an issue with Boss loot. The number of items will vary based on “the creature’s difficulty and level,” according to the patch notes.

Automatic weapons will be more powerful, with damage increased by about 20% “across the board.”

Hopefully these fixes will create a more enjoyable experience for “Fallout 76” players, as Bethesda last week promised to be more communicative and “work to make a better bridge between [players] and the dev team at BGS.”

This response arrived just as Bethesda was reportedly under investigation for inconsistent refund policies regarding “Fallout 76.”

For the full list of updates coming to “Fallout 76” Tuesday, check out Bethesda’s patch notes.