Bethesda released the official in-game intro to “Fallout 76” on Thursday. The three-minute video sets a grim tone for the upcoming online role-playing game, which launches on Nov. 14.

It begins with the familiar tagline, “War … War never changes.” A tiny television screen shows a man introducing the world to the eponymous Vault 76, a sprawling underground bunker designed to withstand the nuclear apocalypse.

“If the bombs do come, if the end does come, our way of life will endure,” the man says over images of a mushroom cloud juxtaposed with a cozy family picnic. “But not everyone will be saved.”

There is no gameplay footage in the video, and that has some fans worried. Bethesda has shown next to no gameplay of the highly anticipated title since announcing its existence earlier this year. Pete Hines, senior vice president of global marketing/communications at Bethesda, assured them on Twitter Thursday they’ll see more of the game soon.

“I know a lot of folks are asking about gameplay,” he said. “Well, I can confirm we are doing an event soon. And we are going to let a lot of people capture a few hours of gameplay doing whatever they want to do. So, before long you will have hundreds of hours of gameplay to watch.”

Bethesda is holding a closed beta for “Fallout 76” in October on consoles and PC. Xbox One gets it first on Oct. 23, followed by PC and PlayStation 4 a week later on Oct. 30. It will be available to people who pre-order the game from participating retailers. The beta will reportedly start small and grow over time as the game prepares for launch.