A new “Fallout 76” trailer was streamed during Gamescom 2018; “A New American Dream,” which discussed the game’s building options, mining raw materials, and collecting resources. The colorful cartoony trailer introduced each feature with the playful Vault Boy animations showcasing the game’s various features.

A major focus of the video was the “Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform,” the “workbench of tomorrow.” It’s a mobile platform that can be moved from place to place to assist with crafting items and weapons, which should assist players in building the “new” American Dream. Rather than remaining stationary, it can be taken all around the world to add a bigger sense of mobility to the game. Drawing from much of the foundation in “Fallout 4,” the platform is meant to It’s all a part of the “You Will Emerge!” educational film series.

“Fallout 76” is the latest online-only entry in the long-running RPG series from Bethesda. Revealed last May, it’s meant to act as a prequel to the entirety of the “Fallout” series and is four times the size of “Fallout 4.”

Though it’s launching on Nov. 14, a special online beta will begin in October for any players who pre-ordered the game from participating retailers. It will arrive for Xbox One users first, though it will be available for players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC eventually.

There will be a special “Fallout 76” Xbox One bundle available as well, which will launch alongside the game on Nov. 14. It will include an Xbox One X system, a wireless controller, a copy of “Fallout 76,” and 1 month of Xbox Game Pass as well as Xbox Live Gold.