Outerloop Games’ “Falcon Age” is taking to the skies with a first-person falcon-hunting adventure for 2019.

The PlayStation 4 and PSVR title introduces a young woman named Ara, who after spending time incarcerated, makes friends with a young falcon. The pair becomes inseparable after escaping from the prison while working to take back their desert home planet from malevolent machine invaders.

The pair work to fight back, with the help of a resistance force, to reclaim their land from the machines that seek to strip it of its resources. Along the way, you’ll hunt, gather, and work together with your falcon partner in this unique twist on the adventure genre.

While it’s available on PlayStation 4 sans virtual reality sport, it was created specifically for PlayStation VR, utilizing Move Controllers or a regular DualShock 4 option. Chandana Ekanayake, creative director at Outerloop Games, attests that the game can be enjoyed via traditional controls on a PlayStation 4 Pro or PlayStation 4 as well.

The debut trailer reveals a colorful world where your pet falcon grows with you as time passes in the game, as well as interactions like feeding the bird, having it out areas, and attack foes for Ara. The machine resistance seems formidable, but it’s nothing this partnership can’t handle.

Currently, there’s no project release date beyond 2019 for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, but it will be shown off at PAX Prime for the first time next week, when the show is scheduled to begin on Aug. 31.