Facebook is increasing revenue share for developers who create Instant Games on Android, it announced in a post on Monday.

Facebook first launched Instant Games in 2016. The platform lets developers build games that work in Facebook and Messenger using HTML5.

Starting retroactively on Aug. 1, developers get to keep all of the revenue from Android in-app purchases (IAP) after Google takes its 30% cut, Facebook said. Previously, both Google and Facebook kept 30%. The social media platform still takes 30% of IAP revenue earned from browser games.

Additionally, Facebook said it’s making click-to-play style ad units available to devs through an open beta program. This allows them to build ad campaigns and acquire new players across Facebook and Messenger. Of course, developers have to pay for the ads, so Facebook will still generate some revenue from Instant Games.

“This new format leverages the success we’ve seen over the years with App Install ads to deliver frictionless user acquisition direct to your game with no download required,” the company said. “You will have the full power of Facebook’s targeting and advertising platforms for more control over the types of audiences you want to introduce to your games. This is the first of many steps we are taking to help you further optimize your ROI on ad spends.”

“The combination of new ad units and more IAP revenue available across more surfaces will help you bring in more players to your games and scale your businesses further. We are always listening to and working to act on feedback from the developer community and will continue with more exciting updates to come.”