Skybound Games announced two new partnerships which will result in “Hollow Knight” and “Death’s Gambit” publishing as physical editions. “Death’s Gambit” is coming to PS4 and “Hollow Knight” is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch under Skybound’s new partnerships with Team Cherry, Adult Swim, and White Rabbit.
“’Hollow Knight’ and ‘Death’s Gambit’ represent the very best of independent game development,” said Skybound Games CEO Ian Howe. “I’m thrilled to partner with Team Cherry, and Adult Swim and White Rabbit to bring them to retail.”
RPG “Death’s Gambit” is coming late 2018/early 2019. Jeff Olsen, VP of Digital and Games at Adult Swim, commented on their excitement over the new partnership with Skybound.
“‘Death’s Gambit’ has a passionate fanbase, and we know that a physical release from Skybound will be welcome news to them,” Olsen said.
The eerie 2D action title “Hollow Knight” is planned for spring 2019 release. Team Cherry, the Australian studio behind the game commented on the partnership and new version of “Hollow Knight.” The title is the studio’s first release.
“Skybound immediately impressed us with their experience and their focus on quality,” Team Cherry stated. “And we can’t wait for them to deliver the definitive version of Hollow Knight into players’ hands.”
Skybound Games, a division of Skybound Entertainment dedicated to publishing indie games, is new to the games industry as of this year but is already at work on publishing an impressive slate of titles. Robert Kirkman, the creator of “The Walking Dead” comic series, is the founder of Skybound Entertainment. The company oversees the use of “The Walking Dead” franchise in terms of licensing for titles, such as Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” series. Kirkman himself is consulting on the upcoming action game “Overkill’s The Walking Dead,” which comes out Nov. 6.
Much like “Hollow Knight” and “Death’s Gambit,” Skybound made similar deals for other indie titles. “The Long Dark” and “Slime Rancher” are also getting new, physical editions this September.
“Skullgirls 2” from Lab Zero Games is also getting a physical edition under Skybound for the Nintendo Switch at an undetermined date.

Correction: This story initially incorrectly identified which platforms “Death’s Gambit” is coming to.