For 2019, Eve Fanfest will be coming to one lucky player’s home, publisher CCP Games announced Friday. MMO “Eve Online” will host its annual fanfest in a far more limited venue based on the results of a video contest, which is now accepting entries.

To enter the contest, “Eve Online” fans should create a 30-to-60 second video explaining why Fanfest HOME should come to their place and submit it by Oct. 12. Full instructions and restrictions regarding the video guidelines are posted on the Eve Online website.

Next year’s Fanfest will mark the 15th year for the event, which was first held in 2004. In the past, fans could participate via livestream or even attending in person. For 2019, fans won’t be able to attend due to the obviously smaller venue, but CCP notes that it will still have the other markers of a Fanfest.

“It will have CCP developers, it will have a Keynote, it will have a Permaband performance, it will have a roundtable, there will be swag from the EVE store, there will be a party, a pub crawl, there will be a charity dinner, there will be a live stream so all of you can watch and take part,” the announcement stated. “We’ll obviously scale everything down to home-size but without sacrificing any of the content or character of a proper Fanfest! We won’t sell tickets to your house, but you can invite a few friends over to make it a proper Fanfest (we won’t charge them at the door).”

The winner of the contest will be announced at Eve Vegas 2018, which will be held Oct. 19 to 21.