Epic Games is hosting a Winter Royale Online Tournament for “Fortnite” players with a $1,000,000 prize pool.

The tournament announcement comes following a series of changes Epic Games made to its in-game tournament matchmaking as well as other system improvements meant to tweak and fine-tune the player experience. The same system will be used in 2019 to determine “Fortnite” World Cup participants.

Later this November, Epic Games will be holding a special test event meant to emulate the World Cup qualification process to prepare for next year, which includes solo test events: the Winter Royale Qualifiers and Winer Royale Finals, both o which contribute to the $1,000,000 pool players can take home prizes from.

Any “Fortnite” player is welcome to try to qualify for the events, with “several chances” on offer for fans to get the highest score they can achieve during any event session. This will be the one that counts against the tournament qualifier status. The top performers in each region in North America and Europe will then be verified from this data, and eligible players will go on to battle it out in their region’s Winter Royal finals.

The Winter Royale Qualifier will take place Nov. 24 and run through Nov. 25. The North America Winter Royale Finals will occur from Dec. 11 through Dec. 12, and the Europe Winter Royale Finals will happen Nov. 30 through Dec. 1. While the events are currently restricted only to North American and European players, Epic Games says it will be holding over region-specific tournaments elsewhere in the near future.