Nintendo’s latest mobile game, “Dragalia Lost,” made nearly four billion yen (about $35.3 million USD) in its first month, the company revealed during an earnings report on Wednesday.

“Dragalia Lost” is a completely new IP created by Nintendo and developer Cygames. But, the lack of familiar characters didn’t stop consumer interest in the U.S. and Asia, the company said. Over one million people pre-registered for the title ahead of its Sept. 27 launch. Nintendo now wants to expand the game’s player base going forward by offering events and updates.

“Summing this up, we think we could state that this has been a steady kick-off as a challenge for creating new IP that has been embraced by consumers around the globe,” it said.

Super Mario Run” has now reached nearly 300 million installs worldwide. Downloads in countries outside of Japan now account for over 90% of the total. “As an evergreen Nintendo title for every owner of a smart device, it has entered a cycle where a certain stable number of new downloads take place every month,” Nintendo said. “The application is significant in that it brings Mario to a wide range of consumers in countries and regions not touched by our dedicated video game platform business. In this regard, it plays an important role in helping to maximize the number of people exposed to Nintendo IP.”

“Fire Emblem Heroes” continues to do well, with active users and total sales growing at a steady pace. Nintendo plans to release a major update for the game around the end of the year.

Meanwhile, “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” is now a year old. While it hasn’t performed as well as other Nintendo mobile titles, the company said more than half its current active users have continued playing since its initial launch, and it’s especially popular with adult women.

“By continually tweaking the game content and frequently holding various events, we have managed to gradually improve the business situation for this game,” it said.

Nintendo is now working on an update that will broaden the scope of “Pocket Camp’s” gameplay. It will announced more details closer to the update’s launch.