Dota 2” publisher Valve released an update for the popular multiplayer online battle arena game on Wednesday that adds new item bundles, loot box odds, and more.

The appropriately named Treasure Update features the debut of the Treasure of the Carmine Cascade, a loot box containing item bundles for the heroes Ancient Apparition, Ember Spirit, Oracle, Batrider, Visage, Skywrath Mage, and Razor. Each loot box opened also offers escalating odds to receive a rare Earthshaker bundle, a very rare Dark Willow bundle, or an extremely rare Nature’s Prophet bundle, Valve said in a blog post on Wednesday.

Additionally, Valve said it’s reworked the way it calculates escalating odds for this treasure and others going forward. By clicking on the escalating odds arrow next to each of the rare, very rare, or extremely rare drops, players can see the exact odds of receiving them based on how many treasures they’ve already opened.

Valve changed how loot boxes work in the Netherlands earlier this year after the Dutch Gaming Authority found they violated the country’s Betting and Gaming Act. Dutch “Dota 2” players can now see what’s in a treasure loot box before buying it and they can only purchase one at a time. The visual effects that accompany opening a loot box was also removed. The Dutch Gaming Authority worried rapidly opening loot boxes, and their flashy, fun visuals, were too addictive for some players, especially minors.

Meanwhile, members of the Dota Plus monthly subscription service can now recycle unwanted rewards from Treasure of the Carmine Cascade. Those items turn into treasure fragments. When players gather six from the same treasure, they automatically transform into an extra copy of it, along with 2,000 Dota Plus shards, which are used to purchase Plus-exclusive items.

Finally, Valve has introduced a new feature allowing players to automatically shuffle between a hero’s item sets after every match.