Nintendo Switch-exclusive strategy game “Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle” is getting some Donkey Kong-themed DLC in the near future, and publisher Ubisoft is giving everyone a sneak peek in a new gameplay trailer.

Donkey Kong Adventure” teams fan-favorite Rabbid Peach with the titular ape and a rabbid version of Cranky Kong. Together, the three will explore four new tropical environments modeled after the “Donkey Kong” franchise: Lagoon, Reef, Jungle, and a mystery locale. Ubisoft estimates there’s about 10 hours of content in the DLC.

Of course, two new playable characters means new abilities. Donkey Kong comes equipped with a banana boomerang capable of hitting multiple enemies in a single throw. He can also do his trademark ground pound, lure enemies out of cover by playing bongos, or pick up and throw items and NPCs around the map (including his teammates).

Rabbid Cranky, meanwhile, swings a mean cane and can fire explosive barrels from his Boombow. If that doesn’t work, his Long Story skill can put enemies within range to sleep. He also has a unique ability — any time he performs a team jump in range of an enemy, he rains down Boombow blasts from above. Yes, it works with Donkey Kong’s toss.

Rabbid Peach has the same blaster and sentry abilities from the base game, but players can also buy new gear for her in the Battle HQ.

“Donkey Kong Adventure” comes out next month and is available as part of the “Mario+Rabbids” season pass for $20. It can also be bought separately.