Directive Games Shows Off ‘Galaga’ Game in Coming ‘AR Arcade’ Series For iOS

Directive Games Announces 'AR Arcade' Series For iOS

“Galaga AR,” an augmented reality version of the arcade classic, is coming to iOS. Atli Mar, co-founder and CEO of Directive Games, took the stage during Wednesday’s Apple Special Event in Cupertino, CA to demo the impressive new tech.

Mar and employees from Directive Games took to an AR arcade machine to engage in an on-stage multiplayer “Galaga” battle to show off some dazzling effects that clearly put the new A12 Bionic chip through its paces. During the demo, it first appeared that “Galaga” would be confined to the AR arcade machine, but then it “broke out” of the machine to open up the game for the other players on the stage.

The AR Arcade Series will be hitting the App Store later this year, though Mar didn’t specify a concrete date as to when players might be able to give it a try.

Directive Games is a Shanghai-based developer that’s no stranger to AR development. The team of veteran game developers was previously responsible for the tactical arena VR shooter “Super Kaiju” and “The Machines,” the world’s first competitive online AR game, which was first announced during Sep. 2017’s Apple iPhone X keynote.

This year’s Apple Event introduced the Apple Watch Series 4, and three new iPhone X models in the form of the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and the iPhone Xr, each with varying screen sizes, storage capabilities, and other augments including the addition of the powerful new A12 Bionic Chip. All three will be rolling out this fall.